Mannen: Momo Matcha - Japanese Peach Matcha Tea 桃抹茶 (Ukiyoe Gift Box)

Size: Gift Box - 96g (12g x 8 packets)

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The delicious sweet flavor of peach combined with matcha. 

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  • Ingredients: Granulated sugar, dextrin, honey, matcha, powdered peach juice / Vitamin C, acidulant, flavoring, food coloring (carthamus yellow, gardenia). In Japanese: グラニュー糖、デキストリン、はちみつ、抹茶、もも果汁粉末/ビタミンC、酸味料、香料、着色料(紅花黄、クチナシ)


  • As tea: Dissolve a packet of the powder in hot water (80C/176F or hotter, using a cup or bowl of about 150 - 200 ml).

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