Ayumi Farms (Cyittorattu): 2023 Sencha that Laughs with the Mountains 山と笑う煎茶

Size: 10g / 0.35 oz / May 2023 / Yunomi Sample Bag

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Produced by Ayumi Farms: Cyittorattuthis sencha comes from their 88th night tea harvest. This sencha was produced through their cyclic philosophy of giving back to the earth and then, receiving again from the earth. The soil of the tea bushes of this sencha are enriched with the solids discarded by a traditional local soy sauce maker, sake kasu (rice discarded after being fermented for sake), from a local brewery. Rice and wheat straw from their own farm are also placed between their tea bushes to further enrich the soil. Ayumi Farms is therefore placed within a beautiful cycle of regeneration - this is the key to a sustainable way of living. Through tea production, Ayumi Farms continues to contribute to the way agriculture has been deeply rooted in the region (i.e., Fujieda, Shizuoka prefecture). 

This mountain tea is characterized by its thin and delicate leaves, sweetness, umami and rich aroma. And if you listen carefully, maybe you will be able to taste the laughter from the mountains!


Product Info

  • Net weight: 80 grams /  2.8 oz
  • Harvest: May
  • Cultivation & Processing Notes: No pesticides, no chemical fertilizers
  • Region: Fujieda, Shizuoka prefecture 
  • Storage: Store sealed airtight in cool, dry area avoiding sunlight

Steeping Notes


  • Tea: 3 grams
  • Time: 90 seconds
  • Water temperature: 60C/140F degrees
  • Water amount: 60 ml
  • Use hotter water for more bitterness, cooler water for more sweetness
  • See Yunomi.life/steep for more steeping techniques.

Steeping Notes from Ayumi Farms: How to enjoy our hand-picked sencha 

  1. Prepare boiling hot water, and let it cool to about 60℃
  2. Put the tea leaves in the tea pot (kyusu). For one person, about 3g of tea leaves is recommended 
  3. Carefully pour the cooled hot water into the tea pot, and put the lid on top. The recommended amount of hot water is about 60ml
  4. Do not shake the tea pot, wait for about 90 seconds. Check how the tea leaves are opening up. The best is when they are about 80% open
  5. Pour the steeped tea into tea cups 
  6. For the subsequent steeps, use boiling hot water and more amount of hot water
  7. Please enjoy and appreciate your mountain sencha!


About the Tea Farmer

  • Name: Ayumi Kinezuka
  • Vendor Type: Family business (Ayumi Farm: Cyittorattu
  • Location: Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka, Japan 426-0134

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