Donation 120% for New Year’s Day Earthquake Recovery

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One of our partners and friends, a century old lacquerware studio called Tohachiya operated by the Shioji family, lost their entire business and home in the earthquake on New Year's Day 2024. The business, in Wajima Town, Ishikawa Prefecture, burned down along with over a hundred other buildings in a massive fire caused by the earthquake that couldn't be stopped due to a lack of resources in the small town.

We want to help this family rebuild and hopefully to once again do business with them -- we had hoped to create beautiful blue and green tea scoop (chasaji) and matcha scoop (chashaku) designs for our Ohana Botanica contemporary tea brand.

Any donation made through will be increased 20% by us, and we will pay ALL financial transaction fees. The funds will be transferred directly to the Shioji family or an organization of their choice.

If not donating thru us (we are not registered for tax deductions), please send a photo or screenshot of your donation to, and we will add 20% of that value to the donated funds. (Maximum matching funds: 200,000 yen.)

Amount raised (updated Feb 16): ¥186,938 (+¥10,847 donated separately) -> ¥226,494

DIRECT DONATIONS - Tax Deductible Donation directly to rescue and relief NGO Peace Winds

Why Peace Winds? Our partners, the farmers of the tea you love, are often based in regions of Japan prone to disasters -- flooding, typhoons, earthquakes, landslides -- and one of the most active organizations in providing direct, immediate relief in these situations is Peace Winds Japan. While we are not in any way affiliated with the organization, we admire their work tremendously.

  • Donate direct to Peace Winds America (it is a 501(c)3 organization, so tax deductible for those in the USA)
  • Donate to Peace Winds Japan directly via PayPal on their website
  • Send proof of your donation to, and we will add it to the total count for matching donations.


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