Kaneroku Matsumoto Tea Garden: 2022 Unshaded, Limited Edition Saemidori Single Cultivar Fukamushicha

Size: 10g / 0.35 oz / Late April 2022 (SALE)

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3rd generation tea farmer Hiroki Matsumoto manages some 30 fields in the Kiriyama region of the Makinohara plain in Shimada, Shizuoka. He utilizes the UNESCO designated World Heritage agricultural tradition, Chagusaba, to cultivate his tea leaves. This tradition requires farmers to cultivate sasa grasses surrounding the tea fields, and use the grasses as fertilizer in the fields.


This year's saemidori cultivar has come out excellent. Even though unshaded, the strength of the field's natural umami creates a delicious balance as a deep-steamed fukamushi sencha green tea. 

But, please remember that extremely sweet versions of saemidori are made so by shading the field (sometimes only a few days so not called “Kabusecha”). This tea is meant for those who seek a strong-bodied, bitter tea.

Steeping Notes

  • Tea: 3g. Time: 30 sec. Water: 70C/158F, 200 ml. (To get a stronger brew, increase the tea or time or reduce water amount — 100 ml makes for a tea version ofespresso, to get more bitterness, increase temperature). 
  • Resteep a second time for 5 seconds (basically water in and immediately out), 200 ml
  • Resteep a 3rd and possibly 4th time 30-60 seconds, 200 ml
  • Alternatively steep in cold water - Tea: 10g. Time: 4 hours in refrigerator. Water: 500 ml of cold water. This creates a great iced tea. 

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Green Tea
  • Cultivar: Saemidori.
  • Harvest: Late April
  • Net weight: 100 grams
  • Region: Kiriyama, Shimada, Shizuoka

Producer info

  • Name: Kaneroku Matsumoto Tea Garden
  • Type: Family business, tea farm & factory
  • Location: 1806-21 Kiriyama, Shimada-shi, Shizuoka-ken 428-0035

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