🌱 2024 Shincha Pre-Orders 🌱


2024 Shincha Spring Tea

80+ teas now available for pre-ordering. We expect a few teas in mid-April, but most of the spring harvest will start to ship in mid-May.


Sakura Matsuri

Welcoming the coming spring with sakura blossoms, sakura sencha, and more!


Artisanal Japanese Tea

By partnering with 120+ small-scale tea farms and factories throughout Japan, we are able to offer you the widest selection of artisanal Japanese tea.

The Largest Catalog of Artisanal Japanese Tea on Earth

Yunomi.life is an e-commerce platform and global launchpad for 100+ small-scale, family-operated Japanese tea farms and refinement factories, offering the largest single catalog of artisanal Jaanese tea anywhere!

Women in Tea

In tea and other very traditional Japanese industries you rarely see women in leading roles. But they do exist and this collection is meant to highlight those women who are challenging the status quo.

As a criteria for inclusion, we feature products from producers where women take a visible role of leadership becoming role models for other women in this male dominated society.

Like Ayumi Kinezuka pictured here, they are farmers and CEOS, processing experts and business owners.

Our Staff Selections

Our personal favorites. Selected for you.

  • Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Dark Tea

    Japanese tea farms and factories have been crafting more and more non-green teas.

  • Flavoured Tea

    Delight Your Senses with Fabulous Flavors.

  • Gourmet Japanese Ingredients

  • Lifestyle