Naoyuki Ashino: Handmade Rice Scoop, Cherry Shamoji


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An absolutely beautiful handmade shamoji (rice scoop) crafted exclusively for 

Yamagata Prefecture, where the artist Naoyuki Ashino is based, is a famous Japanese cherry tree (sakuranbo) production region. The most widely known kind is the Sato Nishiki cherry.

Using the cherry tree of Yamagata, Naoyuki hand-carved and shaped each shamoji one by one. Slight difference in the color, grain of wood, and shape is the result of handmade quality. Such quality is what Naoyuki treasures the most in his works, the heartwarming, humane aspect that can only be expressed in handmade products.

The shamoji is coated with a water repellant ceramic for protection in use. Wash by hand with soft sponge and soap to clean.

Packaged in gift box and a furoshiki cloth wrap.

Product Info

  • Dimensions: Length 210 x Width (at widest point) 60 mm (L8.27 x W2.36 in). May vary. Measurements are approximate
  • Weight: 25 g (0.88 oz). May vary. Measurements are approximate
  • Material: Cherry wood from Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
  • Note: Color may not be exactly as photographed.
  • Artist: Naoyuki Ashino

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