Marushige Shimizu Tea Farm: Standard Sencha from Mie

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Size: 1kg / 2.2 lbs / Procured on demand
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Grown and processed by the Shimizu family of Suizawa, Mie Prefecture. They called it standard, but as a spring harvested sencha, it's quality is quite good. The region however is known more for its kabusecha.


  • Name: Standard Sencha from Mie
  • Harvest Season: Spring
  • Number of Cups: 60 cups (20 uses / 3 steepings / 1 cup per steeping. Varies with your steeping recipe.)
  • Region: Suizawa Village, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture


  • 1st steeping: Tea: 5 grams or 1 teaspoon. Time: 30 sec. Water: 70˚C/158˚F, 200 ml.
  • 2nd steeping: Time: 10-20 seconds. Water: 80˚C/176˚F, 200 ml.
  • 3rd steeping: Increase time to 30-45 seconds or to desired strength.

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