Dokodemosora #05: Wakayama Tamaryokucha Green Tea with Yuzu & Jabara Citrus Peels

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Size: 30g (2.5 grams x 12 tea bags) / 1 oz
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A tea created by Dai Oizumi of Dokodemosora Tea Farm that will allow you to fully appreciate the great nature of Wakayama Prefecture, where the tea farm is located. In this unique blend, one will be pleased with the mellow sweetness of the green tea (tamaryokucha) and the refreshing aroma of two types of citrus, which creates a calming sensation. Please enjoy this tea in various ways! With a lower temperature, one will obtain more of the sweet taste, with a higher temperature, one discovers its' astringency (shibumi). And of course, in the summertime, this is a refreshing drink to enjoy cold-brewed. Please note that the Yuzu and Jabara citrus peels used for this tea both come from Wakayama Prefecture.

Product Info

  • Name: Wakayama Tamaryokucha Green Tea with Yuzu & Jabara Citrus Peels 
  • Japanese Name: どこでもそら  玉緑茶×柚子果皮×じゃばら果皮
  • Ingredients: Green tea, yuzu citrus peels, jabara citrus peels
  • Harvest: Spring (for the tea leaves) 
  • Cultivar: Yabukita (for the tea leaves) 
  • Region: Wakayama Prefecture
  • Notes: No pesticides, no chemical fertilisers used in cultivation. Only whole leaves used in tea bags. 


Vendor Info

  • Name: Dokodemosora
  • Type: Family owned tea shop
  • Location: 875 Minamioitsukushi, Nachikatsuuracho, Higashimurogun, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan


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