TSUJIRI: Matcha Candy

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Yunomi Pantry

The tea merchant Tsujiri was founded by Tsuji Rieimon, a great tea merchant and producer who refined the production of Uji's matcha and completed the gyokuro production process first invented by Yamamotoyama's 6th head, Yamamoto Kahei.

But enough with the history lesson, the delicious matcha of Tsujiri is used in these candy drops, for your matcha fix on the go.

Note: Current packaging may differ from photo  

Mizuame, Sugar, Matcha

NUTRITIONAL INFO (per piece, 4.5g)
18 Calories, Protein 0, Fat 0, Carbohydrates 4.4g, Salt 0mg.


From Wikipedia

Mizuame (水飴?) is a sweetener from Japan which is translated literally to "water candy". A clear, thick, sticky liquid, it is made by converting starch to sugars. Mizuame is added to wagashi to give them a sheen, eaten in ways similar to honey, and can be a main ingredient in sweets. Mizuame is produced in a very similar fashion to corn syrup and is very similar in taste.

Two methods are used to convert the starches to sugars. The traditional method is to take glutinous rice mixed with malt and let the natural enzymatic process take place, converting the starch to syrup. The second and more common method uses potatoes or sweet potatoes as the starch source, and added acid, such as hydrochloric, sulfuric or nitric acids. If done by the first method, the final product, known as mugi mizuame (麦水飴), is considered more flavorful than the potato version.

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