Yokota Tea Garden: Autumn and Winter Bancha Tea Bags (10gx30)

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Bancha of autumn and winter packed in tea bags.

Yokota-san’s Autumn and Winter Bancha are named as such because the leaves are harvested in late October and November. Bancha tea leaves, are leaves that have been allowed to grow large, which means they have a relatively high catechin to theanine ratio producing a more astringent flavor. (The late harvest of this particular bancha also means the tea is low in caffeine.)

What is interesting about this bancha is that Yokota-san allows the tea leaves to wither for about a day before the fixation occurs in steaming. This process is derived from black tea production and seems to give the tea taste profile that is mildly sweet with a hint of high quality nori seaweed (the type used for sushi) when steeped with cold water.

Steeping Notes

Take one tea pack and place into 1 liter of cold water. Leave overnight in your refrigerator.

Product Info

  • NameAutumn and Winter Bancha Tea Bags (10gx30)
  • Japanese name: 秋冬番茶
  • Ingredients: Green Tea 
  • Net weight: 300 grams (30 tea packs x 10 grams each)
  • Harvest: Late Autumn
  • Region: Sayama

Vendor Info

  • Name: Yokota Tea Garden
  • Type: Tea farm, family business
  • Established: 1890
  • Location12-5 Sawa, Sayama-shi, Saitama, 350-1303 JAPAN

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