Maruei Takeo 45014: Indigo Tokusa Pattern Yunomi Couple's Set

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A meoto (夫婦) set is a pair of items meant for a couple, usually referring to a married couple by tradition. This meoto yunomi set features an indigo (ai or 藍) tokusa (十草) pattern, which represents the grass by the same name (but different kanji, 木賊). Known as the scouring rush in English, the grass is represented by vertical lines, and is featured throughout Japanese art and crafts.


Height: (small) 7.5 cm (2.95 in), (large) 8.5 cm (3.34 in)
Diameter (top): (small) 6 cm (2.36 in), (large) 6.5 cm (2.55 in)
Weight: (small) 130 g (4.58 oz), (large) 180 g (6.34 oz)

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