Yamane-en: Powdered Onion Skin filter packs

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The skins of 200 Japan-grown onions, ground into fine powder, are contained in this 100 gram bag. Making this tea is easy, simply mix into hot water. You get a slightly bitter onion soup like taste.

OR, you can mix it into a wide variety of soups or pastas or baked goods. The onion skin powder will impart a rich brown or deep mahogany color to your broth.

Onion skins contain a polyphenol called quercetin, and approximately 4.4 times as much as blueberries. Read what Oprah.com has to say about this.

This product was independently tested for residue of 450 types of pesticides in February, 2012, and none was detected.


NAME: Powdered Onion Skin
NET WEIGHT: 2 grams x 30 packs (60 grams)
REGION: Hokkaido & Awaji Island
INGREDIENTS: Onion skin of 100% Japan-grown onion
VENDOR: Yamane-en Tea Shop
LOCATION3-34-1 Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
ESTABLISHED: About 60 years ago.

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