Nakazen: Blended Herbal Tea, Grandma おばあ茶ん

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"Grandma" (Oba-chan in Japanese) is an herbal blend with 8 different types of high quality herbs. The guava and loquat leaves provide delicate citrusy elements while the safflower and reishi provide a savouriness to this tea. It has an earthiness and roastiness to it, one that you may expect more from a hojicha or sannen bancha, something that one may not expect from a tisane. In fact, the ingredients of the "Grandma" resemble that one may bring back from the woods - large dried leaves, twigs, and shiny seeds (please see photo). However, once brewed, you may be pleasantly surprised by this unique herbal tea. 

Nakazen has made this tea with the wish for everyone's healthy life. While the herbal blend is referred to as "Grandma", this tea is not only for grandmothers but can be enjoyed by everyone in the family! Delicious both hot or cold. 

Note: This blend uses safflower instead of turmeric. "Grandpa" uses turmeric.


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Boil 250 ml (8.5 oz or 1 cup) of water and pour into teapot. Place 5 grams (0.35 oz about 1 tablespoon) of “Grandma” tea into the teapot and wait for 10 minutes. Pour into cup to drink.


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