Nakamura Shokuhin: Ume Konbucha from Rausu, Hokkaido 45g

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Name: Ume Konbucha from Rausu, Hokkaido

Ingredients: Powdered kombu (kelp seaweed) from Rausu in Hokkaido, sea salt from Souya in Hokkaido, dried ume (Japanese plum) fruit from Wakayama Prefecture

Net weight: 45 grams

Best by: See bottom side of the canister (2016.08.22 = 2016 August 22).

Manufacturer: Nakamura Shokuhin Sangyo Ltd.

Location: 4-1-9 8jonishi, Hachiken, Nishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 


To make kombucha tea, use the plastic spoon included in the can and add one spoonful (about 2 grams) to 100 cc (3.4 oz) of hot water. Wait 30 - 60 seconds and stir well before drinking.

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