Hinokuni Kumamoto: Organic Imperial Tamaryokucha - Sandaime Juichiro 三代目寿一郎

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Size: 80g / 2.8 oz / Spring 2021 Original bag (JAS Certified Organic)
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A hachijyuhachiya tea, or tea harvested only during the morning hours of the 88th day following the start of spring on the lunar calendar, this is the flagship tea of the 3rd generation master farmer Kenichi Fujisako (title: Sandaime Juichiro).

An extra early spring harvest, the leaves were steamed for 80 seconds before rolling into tamaryokucha, a tea similar to sencha but which skips the final rolling step to remain curved in shape. Kenichi-san then green roasts the leaves for 15 minutes at 70C degrees to impart a slight roast and sweetness to the flavor.

Certified Organic

All teas grown by the Fujisako family of Hinokuni Kumamoto are grown organically certified under the JAS system by Organic Certification Organization Co., Ltd. If repackaged by Yunomi for sampling purposes, it is not considered certified organic.

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Green Tea
  • Cultivar: Zairai Yamacha
  • Harvest: 88th day of spring
  • Region: Sagara Village, Kuma District, Kumamoto
  • Steaming: Deep-steamed fukamushi
  • Notes: Green roasted for 15 minutes at 70C degrees to a slight roast to the flavor.


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