Asamushi Sencha Kunpu by Ashikubo Teaworks

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Size: 20g / 0.7 oz
Harvest: Spring 2018
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Harvested at the beginning of May when the young leaves of trees begin filling the mountains, this sencha from the fields of the mountain village of Ashikubo, Shizuoka, is named "kunpu" 薫風 after the gentle breeze blowing through these early leaves. 

An exquisite tea from the Ashikubo Teaworks farmers cooperative, this tea was lightly steamed to preserve its beautiful shape, and rolled into fine needles. Strong umami flavor with light notes of astringency.

Flavor profile

  • Umami ★★★
  • Astringency ★★★
  • Aroma ★★★

Recommended Steeping

  • First steeping
    • Tea: 5 grams
    • Time: 1 minute
    • Water temperature: 70C / 158F
    • Water amount: 200 ml
  • 2nd steeping
    • Time: 10 seconds (pour in, pour out)
    • Water temperature: 90C / 194F
    • Water amount: 200 ml
  • 3rd steeping
    • Time: 60 seconds (depending on desired strength)
    • Water temperature: 90C / 194F
    • Water amount: 200 ml

Product info

About Ashikubo Teaworks

  • Type: agricultural cooperative 
  • Location: Ashikubo Village in the mountains of Shizuoka

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