Koizumi: Japanese Green Tea Starter Set

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The Japanese green tea starter set is great for people who would like to start drinking green tea but not sure where to start! The set includes 1 tea pot, 2 tea cups and 60 grams of green tea (3 different types x 20 grams). This Koizumi tea ware set is simple and easy to use. It is great for as daily use or as a special gift.

Product Info

  • Name: Japanese Green Tea Starter Set
  • Set: 1 Tea pot + 2 Tea cups + 60 grams of Japanese green tea (3 types x 20 grams)
  • Color: Ivory White
  • Size: Cup: D 9.0 x H 6.3 cm / Pot: D 18.0 x H 10.0 cm
  • Volume: Cup: 150 ml / Pot: 380 ml
  • Weight: Cup: 155 g / Pot: 257 g
  • Pot Strainer: Steel mesh
  • Seller: Koizumi Co., Ltd.

*Measurement above is approximate.

Individual pot and cup are also available!

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