Kizoku Club: Guinomi Mini Cup, Ginzai Silver

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Kizoku Club

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A guinomi cup, often used for drinking Japanese sake, is the size of a shot glass, and perfect for tasting high quality sencha and gyokuro in small amounts.

Product Info

  • Name: Guinomi Mini Cup, Ginzai Silver
  • Japanese name: 銀彩ぐい呑(酒盃)
  • Volume: 80 cc, filled to rim
  • Size: Diameter: 60 mm, height: 54 mm
  • Weight: 80 grams (cup only, not shipping weight)
  • Vendor: Kizoku Club
  • Vendor Location: Okayama Prefecture, Japan
  • Handling: Microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe

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