Chakouan H8217: Imari Black Tea, tea bags (2g x 10 tea bags)

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Japanese black tea from Imari, harvested in the spring, is delicate and fragrant, mild in flavor for drinking unsugared. NOTE: Current photo is 2nd flush. Tea bag photo coming soon.


  • Name: Imari Black Tea, tea bags
  • Harvest: Spring
  • Region: Imari, Saga Prefecture
  • Ingredients:100% Imari-grown tea leaves
  • Net Weight: 20 grams (2g x 10 tea bags)
  • Vendor: Chakouan Tea Shop, Yamaguchi Seichaen Co., Ltd.
  • Location: 45 Hasuikecho, Imari-shi, Saga 848-0042, JAPAN

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