Kanes Tea: 2020 National Tea Competition Gold Medal Award Winning Asamushi Sencha from Kawane, Shizuoka

Size: 10g / 0.35 oz / May 2020 / Yunomi Logo Gift Can
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Naomi Komatsu, Kanes Tea Factory

Komatsu Naomi of Kanes Tea Factory always has the best tea in mind for the Japanese tea connoisseurs of Yunomi. They have helped us obtain this light steamed sencha green tea, winner of the Gold Medal Award at 2020's National Tea Competition

(2nd seat with 199/200 points).

This tea leaf was handpicked and light steamed (asamushi) allowing for delicate crafting of the leaves into perfect needles, and creates a translucent golden liquor. As such, we are packaging it in cans to prevent the needles from breaking. Kanes Tea Factory is also placing oxygen absorbers to maintain the freshness of the leaf.

Kawasaki Yoshikazu

The tea farmer, Kawasaki Yoshikazu, is a 9th generation tea farmer in Kawane Village in the mountains of Shizuoka Prefecture. His tea garden, Matsushima Tea Garden, is a regular Gold Medal (一等) winner at regional, prefectural and national level tea competitions, Kawasaki-san is one of the best in Shizuoka. The secret, he says, lies in his ability to judge the best timing to pick the leaves to get the best result after processing.



Steeping notes

Tea: 3 grams. Time: 1 min. Water: 50C-60C/122F-140F, 30 ml

Alternatively, steep it under ice, allowing the ice to steep the tea leaf as it melts

The 2nd steeping may use hotter water, steeping for 10-15 seconds. I prefer 70C/158F. If you are using a larger tea pot, increasing the water amount is also okay though you of course get a lighter tea. Subsequent steepings may require more time. Recommended tea ware: Shiboridashi


Product Info

  • Ingredients: Green Tea
  • Cultivar: Yabukita
  • Harvest: May 2020
  • Region: Kawane Village, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Steaming: Lightly steamed

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