#11 Dobashien Kakegawa Series: Shizuoka Aracha Green Tea, Koumicha 100g 匠がつくる香味茶

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Size: 100g / 3.5 oz
JPY ¥2,800

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匠がつくる香味茶 100g / Dobashien: Imperial Shizuoka Aracha Green Tea, Koumicha, Kakegawa 100g

Product Info

  • Name: Dobashien: Imperial Shizuoka Aracha Green Tea, Koumicha, Kakegawa 100g
  • Japanese name: 匠がつくる香味茶 100g
  • Ingredients: Green Tea
  • Net weight: 100g / 3.52 oz (sample sized packed by Yunomi)
  • Harvest: --
  • Region: Shizuoka

Tea leaves used with this flavored tea are the best tea of Yachihiro picking in Kakegawa shi, Shizuoka prefecture famous for tea ceremony. Preserve thick tea leaf of leaf meat which absorbed rich soil nutrition firmly and grown plentifully and aged for half a year in Tsuchihashiheon's own tea store. Furthermore, before delivering it to the customer's hand, we will do "fire" to bring out the umami and fragrance of tea. As a result of this burning, the "flavor tea" scent that has become a luxurious and deep taste rises, so we are intensely burning in the products of Dobashi-en Garden. In addition, this year, blending a part of the stem with more fragrance. It is a self-confident work of old bridge of tea, Dobashi-en Garden.


Vendor Info

In 1892, Dobashien's founder Tetsugoro Dobashi established a small tea shop in a quiet residential district on the outskirts of Tokyo. As the city expanded, the area known as Akasaka-Mitsuke became one of the city's elite districts with ryotei, luxury Japanese restaurants, hosting meetings between powerful politicians. At these ryotei, only the best tea leaves from Shizuoka and other parts of Japan are served.

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