Best Tea Shops in Dublin 2018

Best Tea Shops in Dublin 2018

April 01, 2018

By William Klingner.

Best Tea Shops in Dublin 2018

Ireland has the third highest consumption of tea per capita, and in its capital city, the tea is always flowing. In this land of scenic views and breathtaking castles, its easy to be overwhelmed. When you’re travelling, surely there is nothing better than to take a break and enjoy a nice of tea while you plot out your next move. This list should cover some of the best tea shops in Dublin and what they’re all about.

Wall and Keogh Organic Teas

This place is a great stopover if you are a lover of authentic teas. At the front desk, they have large glass jars filled with unique blends of teas you won’t find elsewhere, like mate coconut milk and Assam with cornflower and vanilla. What I like about this place is that they put all their teas in glass jars front and center so that you can look at them. You can’t always base your tea order on the name alone. You want to get up close and personal and examine the quality of the leaves. This also saves you the awkward process of having the shopkeeper waft 8 different types if teas into your face until you find one you like. This place sells great food as well, and not just pastries but full meals! If you do not like the food here, you are also in luck because there are plenty of restaurants around, including a great Indian restaurant right across the street. It is easy to get to this place to because it is located right at the bus stop so no need to walk around too much if you don’t want to.

Tea Garden

If you are looking for a place to get a whisked matcha, this is your best bet. They have awesome teaware, snacks and one of the best selections of tea in Dublin. If you want to stay a little while, you can do that too. They have board games and even hookahs that you can bring to the table. This is a great place to bring a group of friends. If you are having trouble convincing people to go to a tea shop with you, just tell them that it is also a hookah bar where you can play board games. I guarantee they’ll want to go at the very least just out of curiosity. The atmosphere here is fantastic, a great blend of traditional and modern. You can sit on the floor cross legged and enjoy tea while you meditate, or you can bring a group and hangout in one of their 6 different tea rooms. They even have yerba mate served with the traditional gourd and bombilla. Most, if not all of their tea is organic loose leaf, but they have so much more than that. They also have hand made tea pots and they offer homemade ice tea, milkshakes and cakes. Simply put, this place has a little something for every body. You must hit this place, especially if you are travelling in a group.

Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge

Although this is called a “Coffee and Tea Lounge” and not a “Tea and Coffee Lounge” like I would prefer, they have a massive selection of loose leaf tea. They have everything from white tea to pu-erh. They also have fruit blends, rooibos and yerba mate. No matter what type of tea lover you are, chances are they have something for you here. This is a tea lovers paradise, but it is also even more of a paradise if you have a love for desserts. They have excellent vegan banana bread and almost everything you order here looks as if it was made by an artist. The latte art on their coffees takes latte art to a whole new level. On top of all of this, they actually have very reasonable prices on a lot of their stuff.

Oolong Flower Power

One of the most interesting names I’ve seen for a tea shop so far, Oolong flower power is a great stop for those who are a fan of afternoon tea. This place has an impressive tea collection, great atmosphere and they offer a pretty diverse menu of food options. When you are touring the city, you will definitely start to build up quite the appetite and you will need to refuel eventually. Just be advised, this place is quite formal, so you may not want to crash the party wearing a tattered t-shirt and mud-stained jeans. It seems like more of a dinner place where you would call ahead or make reservations. If you are looking for a more casual place, I would recommend a few of the above options.

Joy of Cha

Joy of Cha is probably the tea place with the most extensive food menu. They have just about everything here, so if you are very hungry but you still want to hit another tea place, this is the spot. Even though their focus is mainly food, they still have a few dozen teas on display. They also have homemade iced tea and cold brewed coffee if that is something you are into. They sell 100g bags of loose leaf tea for only 5 euros, which is a pretty reasonable price. You can order tea by the pot, which is nice if you have a group and they have a diverse selection of seating. Whether you like to be out in the open or tucked away into a cozy booth, they have a place for you. It’s located in a really cool part of Dublin with cobblestone roads and tons of cafes and restaurants all around.

With so much to see in Dublin, it is nice to know you have a few good places to hang out and catch your breath. If you are looking for a few good places to see, why not check out the Guiness brewery, which has been around since 1759. By the end of the 19th century, it was the largest brewery in the world and is still among the biggest today. If you are into that, chances are you might also be into the Jameson distillery, which is also located in Dublin. Here you can check out one of the worlds most famous whiskeys and see how its made. They also offer tastings, which make the tour much more fun! You should also checkout the Dublin castle, filled with museums, state rooms and an Gothic chapel. Phoenix Park is also an amazing place in Dublin and a great way to get away from the busy city streets.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Dublin! Happy travels!

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