Best Tea Shops in Copenhagen 2018

Best Tea Shops in Copenhagen 2018

April 01, 2018

By William Klingner.

Best Tea Shops in Copenhagen 2018

Copenhagen is a friendly city, where modern culture meets traditional charm. Copenhagen is one of the top destinations to visit in Europe. Because it is one of the most bike-friendly cities on earth, we recommend that you hop on a bicycle and go see all the landmarks along the way. If you are looking to rest up from all the pedaling, here are a few tea spots that are great to check out. One thing to be advised before visiting these places, or visiting Copenhagen in general is that things here are extremely expensive. You may only want to visit a few of these tea places because the prices will really start to add up when you are paying $15 for a cup of tea. We listed the following tea shops in order of most expensive to least expensive.

A.C Perchs

AC Perchs is a tea company that has tea houses in Oslo, Arhaus and Copenhagen. In addition to offering fine teas from around the world, they also offer finger sandwiches and scones. This is important because you can’t bike around all day on just tea alone (or maybe you can). If you have a large group of people, you have to call ahead to make reservations. Sometimes it is nice to sit down for extended periods of time and enjoy your tea over pastries. This might not be the best place for the “grab and go” crowd. They have 150 different varieties of tea to choose from and they will even give their recommendations if you are not sure what you want. They even know how to whisk matcha, which I think is pretty cool. Just as a fun fact, A.C Perch’s is one of the oldest tea shops in the entire continent of Europe.

Sing Tehus

This tea house is surprisingly spacious. There are a few different types of seating arrangements to be found here. They also have a great variety of teas from all over the world. Although they carry a few Chinese varieties, they tend to favor the Japanese varieties. Sing Tehus claims to be the first Danish tea houses in Denmark, and their pride themselves in sourcing directly from Japan. They have a great appreciation for the culture and history of tea and that is evident in the atmosphere they have created. In case you were wondering, if you are looking for Organic tea, the word for it in Danish is “Okologisk” and you will find it on a few of the teas here. Whenever you go to a new country, there’s always a short list of words that are a priority to know and perhaps this is one of them.

Flora Tehus

This is another great place to get food. I know what you’re thinking “I’m trying to watch what I eat”. That's a good mindset, but when you’re biking all day you earn a few hundred extra calories, right? And on top of that, you are on vacation. So even if you are not biking all day, you can still treat yourself. And the pastries here come with an added indulgence because they are served with tea! The owners here are very knowledgable when it comes to Chinese tea and they will help make sure you are brewing yours the right way. The prices here are reasonable, at least by Copenhagen standards, but you could end up paying a little more than you expect. The experience is worth it though and it is a nice break from the busy city. The best part is this tea house occasionally offers a free Chinese tea ceremony. This is a great learning experience for anyone, and a rare find in Europe!

Bottega Luigia

This is a good place if you want tea and coffee without frills. Many of you are just looking for the types of places that just keep large drums of tea behind the counter, and I think this is what you have in mind. Bottega Luigia offewrs a huge variety of tea from Japan, China and India and a large percentage of their tea is organic or “Okologisk”. The tea comes pretty cheap and it is easy to order a bag of loose leaf to take home with you. I would say this is a good place to end your journey if you are looking to get some tea to bring back to your apartment and enjoy tomorrow morning. Hopefully at this point you’ll also have tasted a few Danish favorites and you’ll know which ones you like the most.

Osterlandsk Copenhagen

This is a great tea house to try some tea you’ve never had before. The company makes its own unique blends that are sure to pique your curiosity. They have things like sea buckthorn tea, green apple chai and something called “mermaid tea”, which you’ll just have to visit to see exactly what that is. In addition to these more unique blends, they also have some of the classics sourced from Asia. This is a good place to get your bancha and houjicha fixes without paying top dollar elsewhere in Copenhagen.

Taste of Taiwan

If you are looking to get your sugar fix, there is a great bubble tea place in Copenhagen. The prices are pretty reasonable. They might be slightly more expensive than you would pay elsewhere but they are certainly not outrageous. In addition to bubble tea, they also have delicious fruit teas as well. You can choose which toppings you want. The classic tapioca pearls are obviously a favorite but if you are looking to try something new, look for the aloe vera or lychee. If that wasn’t enough, they also have all sorts of sweet lattes. They have some of the classics, the black tea latte, the matcha latte and a few obscure varieties like the Taro Coconut latte and the brown sugar latte. This is a fun little twist because it makes the place unique.

I thought it would be fair to mention a competing bubble tea shop, the Mad Hatter Bubble tea emporium. This place is slightly more expensive and offers a similar variety. One of the benefits I see here is that they offer some more natural flavors that Taste of Taiwan does not include. While they may not have a brown sugar latte, they do offer flavors like blueberry, mango and honeydew. The Mad Hatter is located just outside the city center so it may be a bit of a hike but there are a few beautiful sites to see along the way. Once you are there, you can check out other destinations in the Sankt Hans Torv public square. The Bernstoff Palace gardens are definitely worth seeing and may be worth the bike even on their own. Bubble tea has an advantage because you can take it with you without having to worry about it spilling. Bubble tea is also a good way to get that little sugar hit while you are biking around the entire city.

Hopefully you have found this guide helpful. If you get too tired when riding your bike around the city, don’t hesitate to step in to any of these amazing tea shops!