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Tanabata Tea Wishes

"I find some amazing organic tea farms for Yunomi in the next 6 months!" 
Ian, Yunomi Tea Merchant, Odawara, Japan

"To be able to drink tea (and meet growers) in Japan one day." 
Michael, Nashville, TN, United States of America

"To explore and learn more about Japanese green teas!" 
Teppo, Japan

"I wish to go to a tea farm in Japan!" 
Iman, Toronto, Canada

"Wish a peaceful and better world!" 
James C, Houston, USA

GIFT CERTIFICATE WINNER: "I really want a new brewing tool just for Japanese greens, a shiboridashi or clay kyusu." 
Alexsia, Kansas City, USA
(How we picked: List of entries was randomized at, and entry #7 was picked.)

"to visit a Japanese tea farm so I can collect and make my own tea at least one time"
Mi Taza de Té, Madrid, Spain

"i wish to drink tea every day of my life!"
Irene, Italy

"I wish for my tea workshop to go well and maybe convince more people to try Japanese tea."
Chie, Providence USA

"To grow one tea plant just to see the process from plant to teapot."
CWarren, Grand Island, NY, USA

"I find new tasty teas."
Alice, Vancouver, Canada

"My health is poor and down the road when my day comes I hope to have a cup of tea before I leave this world. My life is all about tea and I want it to be the last thing I expirience : )"
Jeffrey, Syracuse, USA

"I wish that more people in the U.S. will learn to appreciate Japanese green tea."
Kat, North Potomac, USA

"That People find happiness while drinking Tea. Enjoy Tea as something unique That nature gave as and start Spending more Money to Support the Work of all People involved in growing / Selling Tea and Making Teaware."
Marc, Germany

"Borrowed lovingly and respectfully from Urasenke's Daisosho - Peace through drinking tea"
sunflower33, San Diego, USA

"I wish to be able to try matcha this year"
Nick, Annapolis, USA

"I wish to try new tea's and learn as I go along."
KittyLovesTea, Leicester, UK

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