Yunomi Tea October Clearance

October Clearance Sale! Starting at 35% OFF!

October 12, 2016

Beginning October 14, Japan time, we will have a series of codes available, applicable to the entire store. In particular, we hope to clear out old packages as we aim to standardize packaging across all vendors. 

Conditions on coupon codes: One use per customer per code. Wholesale / employee accounts not eligible. Codes are active during the specified time period using Japan time (no exceptions).

Current Japan time

Clearance Coupon Codes

  • 35% off $50 or more. CODE: CLR35. Active: Oct. 14 - 16.
  • 30% off $60 or more. CODE: CLR30. Active: Oct. 17 - 21.
  • 25% off $70 or more. CODE: CLR25. Active: Oct. 22 - 26.
  • 20% off $80 or more. CODE: CLR20. Active: Oct. 27 - 31.

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