Live Testing Major Feature Update: Yunomi Community

December 04, 2015

In recent days, we have installed a few major updates to features on and The main goal was to improve and in some cases redefine the Yunomi customer experience.

Yunomi Community

The feature that we are most excited about is the transformation of the Yunomi shop into a socialized shopping experience. It has always been our goal to recreate the personal connection you get when buying from small businesses—hence our effort to partner with tea brands created by farms and small shops throughout Japan instead of simply creating our own tea brand.

Taking this further, we want to recreate the sense of community you get from shopping at a small local shop—being able to meet both the merchant as well as other shoppers, to ask other shoppers for their opinions on products, or advice on how to use products. Community.

The system is certainly incomplete, a vehicle that needs a lot of tuning, but it's a start. And on this journey toward a less solitary shopping experience, we hope for your cooperation and feedback.

View the new Community Feed at the bottom left of your screen or visit the timeline here.


The first and most important thing we want you take note of is the current privacy settings. A system update should be available in a few weeks with more detailed settings.

Currently, the options are to create a completely public profile in which your wishlists and activities are published, or to have a profile visible to only approved followers. (Your activity is private if you have no followers.) 

Separately, you can also choose whether or not your purchasing activity is shared.


  1. Create and share multiple wishlists.
  2. Product reviews and comments are now separate sections. We hope you'll use the comment section to ask questions and share information and ideas about the products.
  3. Post messages, photos, videos to the community feed. (We'll have to create guidelines at some point.)
  4. Easily share activities with other networks

Take a look (and feel free to follow) my own public profile

Profile Settings

Edit your own profile

Important things to note about your profile settings are:

  1. Privacy: Privacy settings are at the bottom of the edit profile page. Confirm whether you want everyone or just your followers to see you activities, wishlists, etc. Set whether you want to share your purchase activity with the people allowed by the sharing setting.
  2. Name: Your name here becomes your public name. This is also used as your account name and automatically used for your billing/shipping address. However, the website allows you to have separate billing/shipping names so that you can use a nickname for your public name. We are also working on making last names initial by default.
  3. About me: This is public as well. 
  4. Social Accounts: Allows you to easily share things like wishlists with your other networks on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Yahoo.

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