November Savings

November promos are over! 

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 Products on sale (20-30% off)

Yunomi Autumn
Below are a list of November savings that begin on November 11th. We hope you'll take advantage of them early instead of waiting until Black Friday. Then you can spend the weekend with your family and friends drinking tea!! Check back as we update this list with new promos!


  1. SHIPPING: Shipping costs for Japan Post shipments over $10 $5 will be refunded (max $20 refund per person). Refunding allows you to also use coupon code. We encourage you to use Express Airmail!! (Example: $14 shipping cost will receive a $9 refund)
  2. Code NV15 gives you 15% off until the end of the month (Japan time).
  3. Checkout these limited sale items (20-30% off)
  4. 40% off 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) of Yunomi Factory Direct Handpicked Saemidori Sencha
  5. Wholesale accounts not eligible. 

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