2019.09 - Yunomi Website Development Notice

We are currently working on a major upgrade to our website, and look for your understanding as certain functions change.

While we are working on this, please use this 10% off code for the entire store: REBUILD10. In addition, flat rate shipping will be available during this time (both promotions retail only, available for most but not all regions):

  • $3 for Standard airmail from $20 - $49.99.
  • $6 for Premium Airmail from $50 - $99.99 (only available in some regions).
  • $15 for Express Airmail from $100 - $300.

Key points are listed below:

The Rewards Program and Referral Service

  • We have suspended the referral service provided by ReferralCandy and the Rewards points service provided by SLoyatly as of Sept. 7. We will be consolidating this into the Community service provided by Growave. The suspension of these services started Sept 7.
  • We will be retroactively awarding points to customers who placed qualifying orders since Sept 7 (Tokyo time) and until Sept 21 at the previous rate of 5% of product value purchased.
  • Going forward, after Sept 21, we plan to continue the Rewards program at a rate of 2%, but will be offering other opportunities to earn points unrelated to making purchases (i.e. for writing reviews, etc.)

Major Website Upgrade

  • We are currently in the process of building a new design for the website that features a permanent search bar with immediate search results, and search filtering.
  • We will also be adding filtering functionality for all collections so that you can search for teas by region, cultivar, harvest, price, and other major criteria.

As we are working on these new developments, if you have any specific requests or comments, please feel free to provide public feedback in the comments below or private feedback by emailing support@yunomi.life. Thank you very much for your understanding!

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