Visit to Okinawan Tisane Supplier, Nakazen

March 19, 2013


This past weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to our first major tisane supplier, Nakazen, at the southern tip of the main island of Okinawa Prefecture.

Okinawa has gained much fame in recent years for a diet that has produced the most number of people living over 100 years in the world. Much of that can be attributed to the unique plant-based foods in the traditional Okinawan diet, something that Nakazen, for the past forty years, has helped to turn into tisanes and supplements.

We’re not carrying the supplements just yet, but their tisanes are very interesting — from ucchin (tumeric) tea (in the main island of Japan it is known as ukon), to the Okinawa “Health king” tisane blend

Nakazen, main office and farm

The main purpose of my visit was to build a strong relationship with the company, inquire into their operations, and get advice on selling their tisanes. We worked out an agreement to help them develop overseas markets for their Okinawan herbs, and the President Uechi-san told me how their operations expanded over the last forty years from farming to manufacturing. The location of their farm on a hill overlooking the ocean is breathtakingly beautiful despite the rainy weather, but it also makes cultivation difficult. So, they have helped to develop a community of farmers throughout Okinawa to supply their need for various traditional Okinawan herbs.

Kudoka-san (web manager), Ian (, Uechi-san (President), Ohmasa-san (non-Okinawa sales manager)

Kudoka-san is responsible for web marketing in Japan, so we’ll be translating his blogs to give you a better idea of Nakazen’s operations.

Nakazen Blog Nakazen Products

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