Hoatea’s tea served in a new shop!

April 01, 2014

Wakabayashido-honten (Japanese confection shop) known for their “koro-yaki-manju” (manju is a confection made with flour or rice powder on the outside and a filling of anko, made from boiling azuki red beans and sugar) is relocating their shop to Takasaki city in Gunma Prefecture. They contacted HOATEA about black tea. I personally recommend the pairing of yaki-manju and black tea, so this was a great opportunity.
It would be great if I can come up with something exciting and delicious with the combination of yaki-manjyu and sweets and black tea.

I visited the shop in the new location.
Located in a quite interesting area, many customers will be from the Takasaki city, so I am already excited that my black tea will be served here at the tea stand.
The opening day is April 8th. It will still be a while until the food will be served in the actual shop but I am looking forward to helping out when the day comes.

Also at the tea stand in Babagawa-dori Street, with the support from Wakabayashido, I am planning on introducing a new set menu of food and black tea. The idea of this set will be a surprising one, something that you will never see in other tea shops.
Black tea chazuke (ochazuke is a bowl of rice with tea poured onto it) is rather popular, so I am thinking of adding this to the official menu (lol).

I plan to introduce new and different ways to enjoy black tea so please take not of that!

–Blog post by Mitsuhiro Kano of HOATEA (original Japanese text below)


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