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Japanese Comfort Food in America

Japanese food is without a doubt delicious. From simple rice balls to complex dinner courses, everything makes you hunger for more. Sushi may be the most well-known outside of Japan, but Ootoya is here to offer you something new and delicious.

Home-cooked Japanese Meals With Ootoya

This restaurant chain is a longtime favorite in Japan. With over a hundred restaurants in the country, they continue to win people over with their tasty fare. While they do offer popular staples like sushi and sashimi, their specialty is teishoku, or combo meals. Without a doubt, teishoku sets are very popular in Japan, and they are heavily influenced by home cooking.

Ootoya provides many teishoku options that are all nutritious and delicious

Source: Ootoya

Many people assume raw fish is something eaten daily in Japan, but it is still an expensive treat. Though common at work parties or special occasions, not many eat it regularly. What is common, however, are combo meals that remind people of home.

Teishoku is often served on trays due to the number of dishes and plates used. In Japan, it is common to have each item plated on its own. The set includes rice or noodles, soup, a main dish, side dishes, and pickled vegetables. Many are food that people have grown up eating. As diners enjoy their meal, they think back fondly to their mothers making the same dishes. Popular comfort foods are pork cutlets, chicken and egg rice bowls, and fish bowls.

All Natural Ingredients

Ootoya prides itself in using the freshest ingredients. Even better, everything is made to order. Rather than using frozen goods, vegetables are washed and peeled each day. There is even a strict Ootooya code to ensure the freshness of meat and fish.

Fermented soybeans, or natto, are very popular in Japan

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Fermented food is common in Japan. Many dishes make use of fermented soybeans, soy sauce, miso, and more. Fermentation instills deeper flavors and provides a great amount of nutrition. Natto, or fermented soybeans, are very popular in Japan. However, the traditional food’s pungent odor and slimy appearance makes it difficult for some.

Another beloved choice is soba, or thin buckwheat noodles. These are delicious and very low in calories, making it a healthy choice for all. They can be served chilled or hot, in a dipping sauce or soup broth. Ootoya sources their soba flour from Kuromatsu in Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost prefecture. To ensure freshness, the noodles are handmade each morning.

Quality First

Not only does Ootoya use the finest ingredients, they also put great care into presentation. Eating food off trays may remind some of cafeteria or school dining. There’s nothing special about that, but rest assured, Ootoya makes it fun. For example, they specifically choose ceramic or lacquered serving ware that brings out the best in their food. Color, size, shape, and texture are all carefully considered in order to create the best dining experience.

Even the interiors of Ootoya are tastefully designed to enhance your dining experience

Source: Ootoya

Head to New York for the Ootoya Experience

Ootoya’s tasteful minimalism is praised all over the world. As their popularity soared, they expanded to other parts of Asia and even North America. Currently, there are three locations in New York; Chelsea, Times Square, and Greenwich Village. Each location is expertly designed to provide an authentic Ootoya experience. Check out their website for more information, and be sure to try the wonderful dishes at Ootoya whenever the chance arises.

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