The World of Japanese Patterns -

The World of Japanese Patterns

Yunomi Staff

Traditional Japanese patterns are very recognizable, from simple petals to complex geometric shapes. Take a look into the history, terminology, and meaning of some patterns that are still popular today.

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Wagashi: Traditional Japanese Sweets -

Wagashi: Traditional Japanese Sweets

Yunomi Staff

Wagashi and Tea Wagashi (和菓子) are beautifully decorated, traditional Japanese sweets. Rice cakes (mochi), red bean sweets (anko bean paste), and some fruits are all common types of wagashi. #和菓子 『季節のお菓子』 #煉切 ☀︎ #選和菓子職 合格したので、町長に表敬訪問してきました。 新聞にも載せてもらえるので、今後も頑張らなければ️ ☆ #ねりきり#上生菓子#煉切り製 #茶道#練切#三代目#japanesesweets#japanfoodgopan #wagashi#Nerikiri#松崎町 A photo posted by marsa...

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