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Discoveries - Kumano Houjicha First Flush

Discoveries - Kumano Houjicha First Flush
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This tea was found upon a trip to Wakayama Prefecutre, famous for the Kumano shrines and Nachi waterfall. This particular area is designated as the UNESCO's World Heritage Site for its historical and cultural importance.


Irokawa-cha is a rare, quality tea produced in Wakayama, Japan.
As one of the three brands of Wakayama-grown tea, Irokawa-cha is produced in the Nachi-Katsuuracho. Ever since the Muromachi Period when the Kumano pilgrimage expanded to the common people, Irokawa-cha has been grown under the warm climate and rich soil of this region. Known as the earliest harvested (picked) tea in honshu (main island of Japan), it is a tea with having mild flavor and rich in umami savoriness.


Rare first flush tea of Irokawa-cha made into houjicha.


Kumano Houjicha First Flush
100% tea

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